Grade 12

Accountancy, Business & Management

Tied with their Entrepreneurship course, these ABM students have been tasked to amplify their presence and work through means of adapting Business Ethics and Finance to a whole new level. Corporate social responsibility is the epitome of the heart of a company and by using compelling tools to supplement best practices for companies we can provide a competitive advantage while improving internal practices with the aim of being a corporate citizen in the world and respective societies.

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Ang, Jayven

Asuncion, Nadine

Dipus, Brianna Sheila

Dulalia, John Joseph

Fojas, Regina

Herrera, Alexi Michelle

Palileo, Carlos Alfonso

Ulid, Nadine Angela

Umali, Hannah Emmanuelle

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Power Rentals

Arano, Rafhael Arkain

Bumanglag, Samuel

Jaudian, Jimm Martin

Soller, Jio

Tan, Justine

Ugto, Ezekiel

Yang, Lianadane

ABM12B_Face Manila_Page_01.jpg

Face Manila

Andal, Lissell Anne

Arroyo, Allexandro Jean

Chua, Chiawly

De Las Llagas, Jad Nathaniel

Isip, Justine Jesse

Parrucho, Castertroy

Tangonan, Dominic

ABM12B_Cassava Solutions Inc_Page_01.jpg

Cassava Solutions Inc.

Alvarez, Emmanuelle R.
Batao, Juan Raphael
Ceriola, Nica Lea


Vinarao, Sarah Johanna

Rosas, Carlos Micolo