Grade 12


Many sectors in the Philippines have been gravely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. With the continued lockdown in almost all parts of the country, small-scale industries and businesses have been halted to make way for the mandated safety protocols. Thus, thousands of families lost their sources of income. This year’s community engagement activities aimed to extend support to those communities. With this in mind, students were able to reimagine their role as game-changers. Despite the limitations imposed by the pandemic on community engagement, our passionate HUMSS students were still able to implement and see these projects to fruition.



A Donation Drive for Mines Elementary School.  HUMSS12A organized a donation drive to support the distance learning needs of elementary students at Mines Elementary School, Quezon City. The drive ran for only a week and was able to collect monetary donations worth PhP 5,840.00. School kits containing notebooks, pad paper, pencils, crayons were then curated and were donated to the school on April 13, 2021.

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HUMSS 4 HAPAY’s project “Paghabi Para sa Pagbawi”


is an initiative to aid the rugmakers of Women for Peace and Progress (WPP) located in Taytay, Rizal, in their current livelihood struggles. HUMSS 4 HAPAY, in collaboration with Wear Forward and Telastory was able to donate 170 kg fabric scraps, an industrial high speed sewing machine, assorted threads, and modules to improve their products.