Grade 11


"What stories can be created or visualized to highlight distinct Filipino traits that can lead to a better normal?"

Throughout the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us indoors, taking a huge chunk of our routines away from us and putting life as we knew it to an indefinite halt. How does an artist thrive in these conditions? How can we continue to fulfill our roles as storytellers given these limitations? And how do we stay in touch with our values as Filipinos, and use these traits to inspire hope during a time we need it most?


Working with the mediums of Comics and Storyboarding, the Graphic Illustration and Animation strands hope to inspire you with the exciting original stories they've put together amidst our collective hardship. Through the themes of life and hope, they wish to inspire a better normal for the world. Their craft is proof that good stories can spring from anywhere, despite everything.

- AN11A -

A Wandering Love

Mikaela de Leon

Mikhael Gonzales

Jacob Padama

Jeidee Sabellano


Franzes Babasa

Shelyka Diaz

Metal Drive

Lyjan Firmalo


Amanda Kay-Rhodes

Voice of the Tamawo

Ricki Linchangco

Sandre Evidente

John Michael Golero

Jeizeelyn Aira Buesa


Ian Borja

Zach de Robles

Aisha Fortes


Jon Raimon Austria

Skye Estaris

Bianca Del Monte

- AN11b -


Rosanna Mendoza

Dianne Princess Nayon

Kerstine Jane Te

Piolo Wen

Spaced Out

Julia Alonso

Ari Jereza

The Tale of Unity

Stanley Marcial